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5 Common Symptoms in Panic Attacks

by: Alexandru Matei

This article will separate your suspicions from the real truth. When having a panic attacks you may think you are experimenting a heart attacks or other illnesses which is totally wrong. If you suspect that you have been experimenting a panic attacks lately, here are 5 common signs to confirm your suspicion:

1. Heartbeat Races. It is most likely during a panic attack, for the heartbeat to increase considerably, beating way faster than normal. You may also have irregular beats, and pain in the chest, which can be unsettling.

2. Shortness of breath usually occurs in panic attacks. There is nothing to be scared of, you may feel like suffocating, it is just a normal symptom of general anxiety disorder.

3. You feel like going crazy or totally losing control. Often in anxiety attacks you may feel like losing control, or have the feeling that you might faint in any minute. It most likely that this will not happen, if you try to control your thoughts. The conditions of the attack can generate significant levels of fear, that usually perpetuates the sensation that one is losing control.

4. Dizziness. It usually occurs because the anxiety sufferer feel overwhelmed. One good fast relief for dizziness is to relax your body and try to eliminate your fear, by inducing positive thoughts. A fresh orange juice or a mint tea will help you reduce the levels of dizziness easily.

5. Fatigue.

However the list of symptoms goes on, these are just some of the most common symptoms of a panic attack. They can be very scary and upsetting for someone going through them. Have you ever felt such symptoms? They may well signify an anxiety attack. There are several online programs that can help you stop anxiety and panic attacks naturally and permanently for good.

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