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Hair Care: An awareness for healthy hair.

by: Mary Colonial

Now a days most of us are quite concerned about the look and style of our hair. But the question arises that how many of us are really aware and seriously concerned about the health and nourishment of our hair? This is a very important question and most of us shall fail to provide an acceptable answer of this very question. To be very frank, very few of us pay serious attention in this matter, though almost all of us are concerned about hair styling. Actually the fact is that we all are too much fascinated by the outer appearance and doesn't have much time to pay attention towards the health of our hair.

But if we give a deeper look into this matter we shall notice that what should be our primary concern is the health of our hair and styling it up is only secondary. A healthy undamaged hair is a style in itself. Unfortunately the way we lead our life is at odds in relation to the basic ingredients for healthy hair. Most of us pay very little attention in regards to this. And most likely the result is problematic damaged hair, which ultimately results in immature graying of hair or unnatural baldness. Not only that we are less careful about the health of our hair but the growing rate of pollution is also responsible for hair damage.

It is understandable that the busy schedule of our daily routine permits very less time for taking good care towards the health of our hair. But we should always keep the fact in mind that as our body needs food to survive, in the same way our hair too needs food and nutrition to survive. So we should at least manage a small time and pay a little attention towards our hair also.

Now every one of us have a different hair type. And although there are some common elements still our hair type can be categorized into some groups and the maintenance procedure is different in different types. The main groups in which hair types can be categorized are Long Hair, Short Hair, Curly Hair, Fine Hair, Thick Hair, Frizzy Hair and Oily Hair. All these hair types have different problems and their solution is also in the same way different. For example, tangling is a major problem of long hair and can be managed by detangling before shampooing and should not be bunched up when wet. In the same way different hair types have different problems of their own and there are separate methods of solving them.

But now we can discuss about some common methods which can be applied for all hair types in general. As for example coconut oil is very useful for scalp and hair and helps the growth of hair. Using castor oil helps healthy growth of hair. The mixture of egg white and curd is a good conditioner for hair. Another interesting fact is that we have a confused idea that coloring the hair may damage it. But the fact is that by coloring your hair every 28 days may actually prevent your hair from getting damaged, provided that you use good hair colors.

The key to beautiful hair is a beautiful scalp. So we should also take good care of the scalp as well as the outer part of our hair. Proper conditioning helps in the maintenance of the scalp.

Thus the overall protection of the hair and scalp is very much necessary for beautiful shiny hair. And this should be always be kept in mind while taking hair care.

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