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Deadly Diseases

by: Siamon Richer

There are a number of Deadly Diseases that can kill 80 percent of the population. These deadly diseases can send millions of people to an early grave, not 1000s, but millions. According to National Center for Health Statistics the list can be made including some of the deadly diseases sucxh as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease.

Heart disease seriously kills one of every two of the people. One of every 3 of the people contracts cancer and 80 percent will die from the disease. The misfortune of this premature death is not just the large numbers or untold suffering, but the truth that there is a proven, natural substance readily available that can stop these diseases from ever occurrence. Particularly, biochemistry has stated that large doses of this natural substance can reverse and even heal people from these diseases. All the deadly diseases have one widespread denominator straight responsible for their attack. The one common denominator is called free radical damage. Free Radical Damage or oxidative pressure as stated in the biochemistry is calculated by oxidation hits. Investigate shows every one of the billions of cells has about 10,000 oxidative hits per day.

Our body has inner protective defense systems that defend body from the free radical onslaught that can outcome in chronic disease and aging. Among the reasons the extremely refined food processing with chemical additives; cigarette-smoking; soil depleted of trace minerals; harvesting and shipping of produce previous to it's ripe; exposure to electromagnetic radiation from micro-wave ovens, copy machines, computer monitors, cell phones, television sets; and exposure to free radicals in the air and water are all reasons why the body system suffers from its innate ability to ward off free radical damage. When the load from the environmental subjects becomes above and the quality of the food supply becomes reduced, the free radicals become overwhelming leading to oxidative pressure and disease.

If the deadly attack enters in the blood vessels, cholesterol and calcium heals the injury causing hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. If the situation takes place in the capillaries, they may start to leak, causing easy bruising and loss of blood internally. If it takes place in the joints of the bones it is called arthritis and in the pancreatic region it is called diabetes. On nerve cells called Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis. The damage by Free radical has as well been connected with many types of cancer. Though the internal system try to defend the body from free radical damage by producing enzymes which neutralize them, as the body gets older, the natural body antioxidant system diminishes. This is the basis why the aged people require anti-oxidant supplements to make up what time and age have changed in their body.

The main source of deadly diseases for aging adults is lack of anti-oxidants; a natural substance found throughout the nature, which means the deadly diseases that kill so many is more a matter of chemistry than of medicine. This means people have it within their power and resources to stop all the deadly diseases and more.

The deadly diseases are part of the reality because people live in a world where the correct amount of nutrition is impossible to have without supplementation.

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