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Something more about hair fall

Mary Colonial

Alopecia or the problem of hair fall has become an alarming issue these days. Earlier it was a problem arousing after the age of 40 but now men are facing this problem at the age from 16-30. This is no doubt shocking news. Therefore, the notion that hair fall is a problem faced only by the older people is no more active. Now its from the age group of 16 to 60 anybody can be the victim of hair fall and unnatural baldness.

The time has now come to take some serious steps against this. The first thing that is important is to maintain a balanced diet to provide the necessary nutrition to the hair. This diet chart must contain a large amount of protein, which can be easily found in animal products. Along with that is needed a good amount of green and leafy vegetables. It should also contain a balanced amount of vitamins, especially vitamin A, B, and C. It should be kept in mind that the excessive intake of some vitamins like, vitamin A and C may have some adverse effects. Where as vitamin B-12 is eventually vital for hair growth. A perfect diet chart for hair should also contain minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, copper and silica in right proportion.

Our hair is made of a special type of protein called keratin. This keratin combines to form tiny structures (follicle) from where hair grows. Hair growth is largely dependent on the hormonal pattern of the individual. It is normal to loose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But more than that is not a good sign. Therefore proper care should be taken in this respect. There are of course some hair growth products that can help deal with these problems. But it is recommended to have them prescribed by a doctor. These medicines may be in the form of pills and contain multivitamins. Other products such as herbal hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics, creams, hair packs, etc. are also available in the market. But the doctor should always be consulted before using any such products, as doing an experiment may result in more hair loss.

In the same way improper use of some hair styling materials such as chemical hair colors, hair straightners, curlers, dryers etc. can also lead to hair fall. Therefore, proper care should be taken while using these materials. Regular shampoo and conditioning is very much essential for your hair. If you are having dandruff problem, try to get rid of that as soon as possible. As we all know that dandruff is nothing but dried up dead cells. When these cells forms a layer on the scalp cannot breath under the thick layer of these dead cells preventing the natural growth of the hair. Therefore it is seen that hair fall is not at all a problem in its own, but is a result of many causes. Sometimes hair fall can be the symptom of some underlying disease yet to be discovered.

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