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Feeding your hair

Mary Colonial

Beautiful hair comes from feeding the hair from inside. It’s essential for your hair to be fed with a properly balanced and healthy diet. Lack of nutrition to the hair is one of the crucial reasons responsible for “alopecia” or hair loss. It is one of the most important problems troubling most of the people now days. Though there are a number of other causes, which are responsible for excessive hair loss, which in time results in premature baldness. Improper chemical treatment can also cause hair loss. The fashion trendy youngsters and also some adults are inclined enough to use harmful chemical or colors for their style statement, resulting in damaged hair and excessive hair fall.

Not only that improper diet and harmful chemicals are to be blamed for the excessive hair fall, but it is also a fact that balding and thinning of hair is also often hereditary. And it is too often noticed that hereditary is responsible for the untimely baldness and thinning of hair in a number of cases. Along with this also comes the hormonal problems for which one may loose hair. But this problem can be solved by proper treatment of the hormonal problems.

Some other problems such as a long time illness or surgery may also cause hair loss. In case of post pregnancy some women experience hair loss after three months of their delivery. But frankly speaking these hair fall problems are temporary and are gone after the stress period is over.

It is also noticed that some medicines cause reactions resulting in hair fall. But changing the medicine can solve this problem. Fungal infections may also cause hair fall. Hair loss can also be the symptom of some underlying illness not yet detected.

Now lets go for some possible remedies for these hair fall problems. In case of medicinal reaction as stated earlier your doctor may prescribe some alternative medicine for the illness and thus the reaction can be stopped. For fungal infection, treating the infection would solve the problem. You should also go for the doctor for the solution of hormonal imbalance and thus he may prescribe some medicine to solve the problem. Though there are also a few medicines available in the market, which are useful in stopping hair fall. But it is always recommended to have a prescribed medicine from the doctor, as the inappropriate use of some medicines may also have negative results.

Its true that loss of hair is a headache for everyone and virtually nobody wants to be bald. So it’s better to have some preventive measures so that you may not face this problem. And if you have started to face it, perhaps it’s not too late yet to start. All you have to do is to pay some attention to your hair. Give your hair a healthy diet, and provide the necessary nutrition. Take care while using chemicals or colors, or while using dryers, straightners, or curlers. Be cautious about the hair and scalp protection. And over all, if necessary have a visit to the doctor, if the problem seems to be a tougher one.

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