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Nasal Irrigation

by: Alexander Chong

It was a test in self control when you saw someone stick the spout of a plastic pot up to his nose. It is difficult to describe the situation that something funny that will cause you break out in uncontrollable laughter but you are forced to keep a straight face. However, it is bad etiquette to treat a topic that deemed by other as a serious matter as a joke. This is because a 60 year old gentleman insisted on showing me a demonstration on how to use a neti pot, which looks like a genie's lamp. Some more this gentleman possesses a doctorate from a renowned Sri Lanka University.

The neti pot is used to irrigate nasal passages and it looks like a mini-watering can. Basically, it is designed with a receptacle with a long spout so that it is comfortable to insert into a nostril. This will cause the water in the neti pot can flow into the nostril easily. A neti pot is something can be considered as a nose waterer. It is enough to make some gasp with the idea that by pouring water into one's nose. You will know that the sensation was not pleasant at all if you have experienced the accidentally taking in of water in swimming pools. Even this gentleman he himself admitted that he was trepidation when approaching his first nasal irrigation some 30 years back. This gentleman himself thought that doing this might go to hurt if the water goes into his lungs. Instead, surprising him is that the water is coming out through his other nostril.

According to him, this technique is known as nasal irrigation, which is commonly practiced among yoga practitioners before they go for meditation. By doing this, sinus cavities can be cleansed. He said he came to know this neti pot technique when he attended a class taught about how to do breathing exercise in India sometime in 1980s. If the body has unhindered access to air, it is quite crucial because it is the essence of life. Our nose sometimes will unavoidably experience some kind of congestion, which is due to the buildup dirt in the mucus lining. This will affect our daily life because our nose acts as a filter to the air that we breathe everyday. The gross particles in the nose can be cleared out normally by sniffing and blowing. However, more effectively and completely clean out can be done with saline water. This is what has been explained by this gentleman who irrigates his nose as frequent as brushing his teeth. This neti pot is very convenient for nostril purification and it guarantees you that you will be able to breathe smoothly. This gentleman also implied that it may help to relief sinus symptoms if we use it daily. This is because bacteria can be removed by the flushing action.

The trick given by this gentleman is that to avoid painful nasal irrigation session is to put a pinch of sea salt into the water. This is because high osmotic pressure caused by the salt will prevent the water from being absorbed into the capillaries which will cause highly sensitive reaction. The second thing to remember is not to share the neti pot with other people. This is because neti pots are sternly private personal belonging like toothbrush or underwear. According to himself, he is so fascinating about this neti pot and he has started a business to sell this product. He is formerly an engineer and motivated to make his own neti pots when this neti pots were presented in Oprah Winfrey talk show last year.

"Alexander Chong - Author of ""How to cure your incurable nasal allergy without using any synthetic drugs, herbs and expensive devices"". "

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