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Why Quinine Sulfate is a Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

by: Andrew Bicknell

Quinine sulfate is a known muscle relaxant that has been used for many years to help relax tense muscles and relieve muscle cramps. It also helps people who are suffering from involuntary muscle contractions. These attributes make it the perfect choice for treating the muscle cramps that affect many sufferers of restless leg syndrome.

There are a variety of symptoms that can occur with restless leg syndrome, but leg cramps can be the most annoying and painful. Waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps is not anyone’s idea of fun. The pain of leg cramps can range from mild to excruciating and one of the most effective ways to deal with leg cramps is by taking quinine sulfate.

While full strength quinine sulfate must be prescribed by a licensed physician there are over the counter medications that have trace amounts quinine sulfate in them. These trace amounts of quinine sulfate are combined with vitamin to produce an over the counter supplement that can be used as a treatment for restless leg syndrome. The vitamin E is used to help promote oxygen flow to the leg muscles which also helps relieve muscle cramps and when combined with the quinine sulfate is quite effective at leg cramp relief and also helping to prevent future occurrences.

Another nice thing about using quinine sulfate as a treatment for restless leg syndrome is that it has few side affects. There are other drugs available that help relieve leg cramps but many of them have the side affect of loss of muscle control. While getting relief from muscle cramps is always welcome not being able to get up and move around because of loss of muscle control can be about as annoying as the cramps themselves. Quinine sulfate does not have this side affect and allows people who suffer from restless leg syndrome to retain their mobility and go about their daily lives.

If you or someone you know thinks they may suffer from restless leg syndrome it is important to visit your doctor to confirm the diagnosis. If you attempt to treat your symptoms without knowing what it is that is causing it you can end up doing more harm then good. This is particularly important when taking over the counter medications because while they may help relieve the symptoms, the symptoms may be a sign of any number of other conditions that may or may not be related to restless leg syndrome. A correct diagnosis will not only make sure that the treatment you are receiving is proper it will also allow your doctor to counter any adverse side affects you may have taking your medications.

If you think you have or currently suffer from restless leg syndrome and the leg cramps that can come with it see your doctor. They can provide a prescription for quinine sulfate and help effectively treat your restless leg syndrome.

To learn more about quinine sulfate and other treatments for restless leg syndrome, its causes and coping strategies Click Here.

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