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Experience the magic of dentistry-Dental implants

by: Jack Koos

Dental implants are an invention that has given a new look to the dentistry in Chicago. Today dental implant specialist with the use of this technique make it possible to cure every kind of missing teeth problem. Implant specialist in Chicago believe that it will work for a life time like your natural teeth if they are properly taken care of. Dental implants are more advanced and are comfortable for the patients. With dental implants, the implant specialist use a laser that makes placing implants in the bone a minimally invasive procedure, eliminating the need for scalpel and sutures.Rather than stripping the gum away from the bone, which needs to be done with traditional implant surgery and can disturb the blood supply ,causing potential problems in some patients (such as those who take medication for osteoporosis), the laser gives us easy access to the site of the missing tooth or teeth. It makes the patient's post-op experience much easier and less complicated. A titanium alloy metal is used for the implanting purpose and according to the survey conducted there is not a single case registered of allergy or rejection of the titanium alloy. With the further enhancements in dental implants you can also have your dental implants placed in a single visit to the doctor with the noble biocare technique. A high resolution 3D CAT scan is used with virtual planning software for the diagnosis purposes. This is helps to plan and facilitate the design and fabrication of the final replacement teeth. This procedure comes to an end after the initial consultation with the patient and before the scheduled implant placement by the Implant surgeon. A noble bio-care technique is being used by dental implant specialist to give a whole implanting treatment done in single visit. But with this only qualified patient s are treated. This is basically designed for people with dentures or in need of full upper and/or lower restorations. The qualified patients receive four implants and a full set of new replacement teeth per arch, usually in just one appointment (after the initial consultation). The major benefit is how quickly dentures can be replaced with permanent implants and fixed, non-removable, new replacement teeth. Benefit to the patient:- • An affordable attractive solution for missing teeth • Immediate function • Fixed prosthesis • A beautiful smile and renewed self confidence • Improvement of quality of life For more information visit -

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