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Cordyceps sinensis - A Chinese Sexual Potentiator

by: Dr. Markho Rafael

Aphrodisiacs and sexual potentiators have been all the rage since Viagra was introduced in 1998, and believers in natural remedies have been looking for herbal alternatives. The traditional Chinese 'herb' of choice for this purpose is called Cordyceps sinensis.

Naturally occurring only at high altitudes in Tibet and China, Cordyceps sinensis has none-the-less been collected as a medicinal mushroom since time immemorial. With our modern-day globalization of trade and information, this minute fungus from remote mountain areas of China is now miraculously becoming popular also in the West.

For nearly two millennia, Chinese doctors have dispensed Cordyceps extract for physical stamina and sexual prowess. Preserved written records date back as far 200 A.D., when it was described in the book "The Classic Herbal of the Divine Plowman.

In its natural environment, Cordyceps sinensis infects caterpillars and then sprouts out of their dead carcasses. While that certainly doesn't sound very appetizing, modern advances allow potent strains of Cordyceps sinensis to be grown on a rice medium. Cordyceps extract produced in this way has been shown to contain the same medicinal compounds as the wild harvested fungi, with the added advantage of being free from contamination by other species of fungi or bacteria.

A Chinese study on Cordyceps sinensis, predating the 1998 release of Viagra by 13 years, found a 64% improvement in men with sexual dysfunction when they consumed 1 g of Cordyceps per day. [1]

Three possible factors may help explain why Cordyceps could have an effect on erectile dysfunction:

- At least three studies have demonstrated that Cordyceps sinensis helps improve physical stamina and prowess in general. [2,3,4] In the early 1990's, nine Chinese women broke world records when the Chinese National Games were held. When interviewed about their success, they unanimously gave credit to their use of Cordyceps extract. [5,6]

- Cordyceps sinensis helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow [7,8], which is certainly an important factor in erectile function.

- Thirdly and perhaps most important of all is that two studies have shown Cordyceps sinensis to "significantly increase" the production of testosterone in males. [9,10]

Note: Always consult a licensed health care provider before using any herb for medicinal purposes. This article is solely intended as a source of information and does not prescribe or advice the use of any substance mentioned herein.

About the author: Dr. Rafael works in the natural health field since the mid-90's, as a researcher and author specializing in medicinal mushrooms. Click Cordyceps sinensis extract for mycomedicinals and more free articles, or to request a unique version of this article for your own web-site or publication. Cordyceps Article References A special thank you to Paul Stamets for reference material!

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