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Trusting Medical Devices: Diabetes

by: Catherine Albertson

After all, injections are what the majority of people living with insulin dependent diabetes use as prescribed by their doctors. That must mean they are the only option for all people living with insulin dependent diabetes, right? Not necessarily. Since those options are therapy leaders, it’s easy to not be aware of other devices used for taking insulin. Many doctors and people living with diabetes don’t have the time to research all the alternatives. Even if they do take the time, how do they know the information they are finding online is credible and trustworthy. One way to decipher if a source is trustworthy is by reading the various testimonials received about the alternative option. Allowing an outside and unbiased opinion to be voiced is fundamental to being an open and credible source.

Patton Medical Devices recently introduced the i-port® as an alternative solution to aid those living with diabetes and taking daily injections. It provides an easy way to administer insulin injections. There is only one skin puncture when adhering the device to your body, and after that, an individual can inject oneself without puncturing the skin for up to 75 injections over the next three days. Below are real stories written by people who’ve decided to break away from the traditional administration of insulin injections.

- Richard’s Story: “When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I tried to manage it with diet, exercise and oral medications. I started taking insulin about 10 years ago. I’m not afraid of needles or shots, but I’m a cattle rancher and I’m worried about the risk of infection from multiple needle sticks every day out on the ranch. I was so relieved when I found out about the i-port®. On a normal day, I take 12 injections to keep my diabetes under control. Because the i-port® can be worn for 72 hours and reduces the number of skin punctures to just one every three days, I can focus on living now instead of worrying about taking shots. I really want to get the message out and help others with diabetes that might be reluctant to take their insulin injections as they should. I want to encourage people to try new things like the i-port®, especially if it means an improvement in their health and quality of life.”

- Debra’s Story: “My journey with diabetes began with oral medications and by 2003 I was taking insulin injections… many as 7 injections per day. When my diabetes educator told me about the i-port®, I was excited to try it. At that point, I had begun to consider wearing an insulin pump. However, I was not looking forward to insulin pump therapy. Having an i-port® became a wonderful alternative which allowed me to eliminate the need to puncture my skin with each dose of insulin. Now, my skin punctures have decreased from 21 in three days to just one. And that makes me feel much better about taking insulin when I need it. The i-port® helps me to focus on living my life rather than dealing with the resentment I felt about taking so many injections.”

Catherine is the Senior Manager for Marketing at Patton Medical Devices, the manufacturer for the i-port® Injection Port. Employed since 2006, Catherine has been actively involved in the development of the i-port® branding, website development, event production and overall marketing operations for Patton Medical Devices. Her prior experience includes working for GSD&M and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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