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Exploring Macrobiotics

by: Floyd Adan

Many people have heard of people with cancer turning to macrobiotics to detoxify their bodies and technically, its better to detoxify before you get sick, so here’s the scoop on this unique diet.  The philosophy of macrobiotics is based on energetics–the idea of balance between Yin (soft, slow, water, cold, tranquil, gentle, and corresponding to the night) and Yang (defined as hot, fire, restless, hard, dry, excitement, and corresponding to the day) energies in our life and diet. Although the macrobiotic dietary guidelines are only one aspect of a more significant spiritual system, it’s the diet that’s drawn the most attention in the West.  The diet is based on dietary principles of simplicity and avoidance of "toxins" that come from eating dairy, meats, and oily foods.  The standard macrobiotic diet consists of:
• 50% to 60% organic whole grains
• 20% to 25% local and organic fruits and vegetables
• 5% to 10% soups made with vegetables, seaweed, grains, beans, and miso

Other diet elements include occasional fresh white-meat fish, nuts & seeds, pickles, Asian condiments, and twig teas. The diet excludes vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, asparagus, spinach, beets, zucchini, and avocados and advises against eating non-local fruits, such as bananas, pineapples and other tropical fruits. Eating dairy, eggs, coffee, sugar, stimulant and aromatic herbs, red meat, poultry, and processed foods is discouraged.  The diet is pretty specific and possibly challenging with a busy schedule, but if you live in NYC, you could try restaurants like Souen, Ozu, and Angelica Kitchen for yummy macrobiotic meals.
Do I think this diet is good for you?  I’m sure most people could lose weight on such a limited diet but I wonder if there is sufficient protein for today’s busy lifestyle, and certainly for those involved in heavy exercise, it would be hard to get calorie needs met.  But I also feel that there is a right diet for everyone at different times in life, as we are all individuals with health always in flux.  Try to tune into your body’s needs and see whats right for you…To your health!

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