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Phellinus linteus - Medicinal Mushroom's Popularity Exploding World-wide

by: Dr. Markho Rafael

A new medicinal mushroom from Korea is gaining reputation around the world at record pace. Most commonly known by its Latin name as Phellinus linteus, it is also sometimes referred to as Mesima (Japanese), and rarely by its English name, Black Hoof Fungus.

Common to southern United States and Southeast Asia, Phellinus linteus is a polypore on hardwood trees such as poplar, oak and mulberry. [1]

Unlike most medicinal mushroom species, which were originally used in China or Japan, Phellinus linteus first became popular in Korea as a complement to traditional cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy.

The reputation of Phellinus linteus as a powerful medicinal mushroom has rapidly spread across the world and today it is increasingly popular with medical professionals from the U.S. and Japan to Turkey and Israel as an immune booster [2-11], especially for the prevention of cancer metastasis. [5,10,12-17]

Word of Phellinus linteus caught on in 1996 when a Korean paper got published, which credited it with the widest range of anti-tumor and immune-enhancing properties of any medicinal mushroom extract. [4]

World renown American mycologist Paul Stamets took this a step further when he published research in 2003 which compared seven of the world's most popular medicinal mushroom species, including Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Chaga, Lion's Mane and Agaricus blazei. [18]

In this study, Phellinus linteus turned out to have the most powerful effect on enhancing the activity of macrophages, a type of white blood cell that's an important part of the immune system. Macrophage activity was increased 5,700% by the Phellinus linteus extract. The dose used was equivalent to 3,750 mg for an average (165 lbs) adult. [18]

It should be noted that macrophages may promote cancer growth as well as fight cancer. The research that has been published about Phellinus linteus extract indicates that it enhances the anti-cancer properties of macrophages. [8,14,19,20]

Additional reports have been published on cases of "spontaneously" regressed cancers, where the patients reported having used Phellinus linteus by their own choice:

1. A 2004 paper out of Japan reported "a hormone refractory prostate cancer patient with rapidly progressive bone metastasis who showed dramatic response to intake of an extract from the mushroom, Phellinus linteus." [15]

2. In 2005, a Korean paper related the case of a 65-year-old patient with liver cancer and skull metastasis who experienced "spontaneous regression" after one and a half years of using Phellinus linteus. [17]

3. And then one year later, in 2006, another Japanese article was published on "a case of spontaneous regression of hepatocellular carcinoma with multiple lung metastases." The 79-year-old patient had been taking an extract of Phellinus linteus Mycelium for a month. When examined by his doctor 6 months later, his tumors had disappeared. [16]

Note: This article is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. It is intended for informational purposes only. Phellinus linteus is not approved by the FDA. Never use any herb or mushroom for medicinal purposes without first consulting a licensed medical professional.

Dr. Markho Rafael currently focuses on research on medicinal mushrooms, having worked in the natural health field since 1996. He partners with Cordyceps Reishi Extract, LLC, a business offering premium grade medicinal mushroom products including Phellinus linteus extract. For references to this article, go the Phellinus linteus reference page.

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