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Dieting on a Shoestring

by: Bruce Kimball

Officially the “recession” is over, but that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’ve got loads of cash pouring out of our pockets. (At least I don’t—if you’ve got tips, let me know!) We’re all trying to stay fit and free of fat, but that means spending exorbitant amounts of money on gym memberships and healthy, organic food doesn’t come cheap either.

Here are few ways to save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle:
1.    Check out deals that your gym may offer. Special weekend rates, class-only rates, student discounts, etc. Also, getting any sort of job at the gym will generally get you free membership.
2.    If a gym isn’t in your budget, work out in the beautiful world around you. Find a friend with a pool and swim some laps, go for jogs, or play tennis at an open court. Also, start relying your car less and your legs more. If your video store is a 20 minute walk, consider leaving your car at home for a change and power-walking or running to the store.
3.    Buy your fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets. It depends on where you live, but generally local farmer’s markets (or pick up trucks on the side of the road) offer higher quality fruits and vegetables than in large grocery stores.
4.    Make a grocery list. People spend way too much money on groceries when they leave their lists at home. When you browse, you buy things that you’re in the mood for now, and that could be anything and everything. Stick to the list, buying only things you’ll need and you’ll likely come out with healthier food and not too much of it.
5.    Buy in bulk. Make a run to Costco and stock up on brown rice and olive oil in bulk. This is also a good place to buy fruits and vegetables.
6.    Cook your own food. Prepackaged food is never as healthy as home-cooked and can cost double or triple the price.
7.    If your doctor suggests you try a diet pill, make sure you check out the generic versions (like generic Xenical or generic Meredia/Reductil. They can save you a ton of money, curb your appetite so you eat less food, and ultimately help you lose weight!

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