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Getting Over Winter Depression

by: Dan Lolg

If you’re wondering why you’re in a funk lately, the answer might just be all around you.  Like it or not, many people’s moods and dispositions have much more to do with the weather than anything internal.

Everybody knows that summer months have long days, and winter months have short days.  The farther north (or south) you go, the shorter the day.  In fact, if you travel to the extreme north, day and night cease to have meaning and you might experience 6 months of day followed by 6 months of night.  What you might not realize is that absence of light in the winter months can lead an unprepared body to severe depression.

Depression that is cause by an absence of sunlight is tied directly to the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that instructs your body to feel tired at night and awake during the day.  Too much melatonin can lead to overwhelming drowsiness and depression, which can be a problem because the body tries to overcompensate in the absence of sunlight and produces melatonin on its own.  The problem is, the body produces it all day long, not just at night.

Depression is easily treated with antidepressants, which can include Prozac, Zoloft, or generic varieties of either, which do just as good a job.  It’s very easy to buy generic Prozac or generic Zoloft online.
Sometimes, the best way to treat depression, especially one that is melatonin induced, is to simply get out into the sun.  If you work all day indoors, make sure you get out in the sun for at least 45 minutes a day.  If it’s the weather that’s getting to you, consider splurging on a weekend getaway to somewhere sunny.  Sometimes all it takes is a few days of sun to literally recharge your batteries.  Make the effects of the vacation last by getting an hour of sun a day when you get home, during the sunniest part of the day.  Take advantage of breaks in the rain!

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