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Hip Osteoarthritis

by: Kristy Annely

Osteoarthritis affects a person�s joints. The parts of body at maximum risk are the hips and knees. Hips carry the body weight and, over years, the smooth and glistening articular cartilage that helps the hip joint to glide ultimately wears thin. Initially, there is discomfort and stiffness in groin, buttocks, or thighs that increases with activity inflaming the hip joints and reducing rotation, flexibility, and movement.

Osteoarthritis of hips affects both genders equally due to diverse causes such as age, obesity, congenital deformity, injury, or stress. We cannot reverse the effects of Osteoarthritis of the hips but it is important for sufferers to go in for early treatment to reduce discomfort. Consult a doctor to determine the extent of damage and the treatment required. An x-ray will check if the hip joint space has changed or there is any development of bone spurs or abnormalities. If in the early or initial stages, the patient is advised to rest the hip, participate in a physical therapy program, engage in non-strenuous exercises like swimming, water aerobics, or cycling to keep the joint functional and healthy. A hip Osteoarthritis patient can follow a self help plan of sound sleep at night, work on weight reduction by following diet plans, reduce strenuous activity, and generally take it easy. Women need to be extra vigilant because they are more susceptible to hip osteoarthritis. Use a cane or some support when and if movement is painful, and keep in mind that household chores can be shared or done at leisure. Another precautionary measure is wearing appropriate footwear.

Once the disease sets into the advanced mode, hip replacement surgery or arthoplasty is advised to help cure the pain and improve mobility. Surgery is not an instant cure and if both hips are affected it requires patience and a rehabilitation program to pull the muscles in shape. Treatment also depends on the patient�s attitudes, daily activities, and anxiety.

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