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How to maintain Dental health and hygiene

by: Praveen P

Teeth are the vital part of human body, which will be given priority when we suffer from dental aches. Instead of going to the verge of discomfort, educate yourself by proper oral hygiene. Most people brush their teeth for 'fresh breath' and ‘white teeth’, apart from that clean it gently to avoid the dental plaque and tartar from teeth diseases. Brushing your teeth is the most important activity, which can maintain your teeth healthy. The main objective in carrying out oral hygiene procedures is to remove bacterial plaque from the teeth. Poor oral hygiene leads to several harm disease too. • Patients with Periodontitis or gum disease may face increased risk of cardiovascular problem and diabetes. • Poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease may cause lung diseases such as pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). • Risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis. For good oral health we need to take care oneself in many areas: 1) Daily Dental Cleaning Routine 2) Balanced Diet, limit the snacks 3) Avoid tobacco contents. 4) Examine your mouth daily. Daily Dental Cleaning Routines are: • Brush at least twice a day • Brush teeth front as well as back of it. Also away from the gums too. • Learn to floss the teeth. • Rinse the mouth properly after the food. Diet Food: • Always keep your mouth moist by using fluorides, (water, toothpaste, salt, milk). • Try to have nutritious food (vegetables and fresh fruits) • Free sugars and other fermentable carbohydrates, consumption will increase the prevalence of decaying of tooth. • Fruit juices are more erosive than whole fruits. • Try to avoid soft drinks. Oral hygiene is important in human life to generate confidence and quality of life. Daily dental cleaning routines and proper diet can reduce the flaws in teeth. Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre has been providing education in oral health care science. Vydehi Dental College aim to build progressive oral health personnel and develop community alliances to address the vital oral health needs of the time.

Praveen student at Vydehi Dental Institute wrote this article on dental health and hygiene

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