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How To Whiten Your Teeth In A Safe As well As Healthy Way


Lots of people face problems with yellow or discolored teeth. There are various causes of discolored teeth such as lack of calcium, smoking, coffee etc. The discolored teeth always give an odd idea about one's personality. If you have discolored teeth, you may also want to get rid of it. Here are some effective as well as safe tips to whiten your teeth.

During recent years, the field of teeth whitening has changed immensely. Now many teeth whitening products are available on the market. Moreover, the dental technology also has been undergoing rapid change.

The safest and quickest way to whiten your teeth is to go to a dentist. Of course, it is not a secret that you should learn from me. But what is important to know is how the dentist plans to whiten your discolored teeth, and how much the teeth whitening will cost.

If you go to the dentist to whiten your teeth, your dentist will make molds of your teeth and send them off to a lab. Within a week your custom fitted teeth whitening mouthpiece would arrive. Now your dentist will apply the plastic teeth whitening molds that are filled with peroxide. After 3-4 visits, you would get quite reasonable white teeth. But the procedure is a bit costly. Whitening your teeth in this way could cost you about $1,000 dollars.

Another method the dentists commonly follow is Laser Bleaching. It is also very popular. It is even a quicker method to whiten your teeth. It mainly consists of the application of a concentrated peroxide gel onto your teeth. But like the former procedure it will also cost you about $1,000 dollars. So, is rather expensive.

But, as always, there are ways to whiten your teeth at home. There are at least three very effective ways to whiten your teeth at home. One of the most common types of home teeth whitening procedures is to use whitening strips. People prefer the teeth whitening strips, because they are easy to apply and very little preparation is necessary.

Another most affordable and most efficient teeth whitening way is to use the bleaching gels. But you should be very careful as to which gel to buy, as well as in the use of the gel. Most of the teeth whitening gels available are almost same. But here are some considerations:

Another thing about the gels, is that usually glycerin is used as a carrying agent for the active ingredients. Glycerin is harmless but when mixed with carbamide peroxide, it is used to draw water out of the enamel in order to speed up the whitening process. It can cause sensitive teeth. So, you should search for the teeth whitening product that does not use a glycerin base.

Another home recipe for whiter teeth is a paste consisting of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and a dab of toothpaste. You can also use this cheap, safe and effective method to keep your teeth white over time. But one negative is that it has a bad taste.

A recipe for a teeth whitening paste is :

You can make the paste by mixing the following ingredients:

3 Teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide

2 Teaspoons of baking soda

1/2 Teaspoons of table salt

Some toothpaste

Thus, you can have white teeth not only by undergoing clinical treatments, but also through some safe and cheap home recipes. You can follow the method that seems most suitable to you.

Don't try and get movie star white teeth, as that is normally achieved via crowns and veneers. Trying to bleach teeth to that high level of white, would likely to considerable damage to your teeth and gums.

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