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How effectual is Tamiflu for Bird flu?

by: Emily Purles

You are a part of the flu; try Tamiflu

With the last rays of the purple sun fading into the misty sea the last of the birds fly towards you with the flu. The night has lots of discomfort to offer; the best of it being the half awakened state at which you brood around the light to look for a solution. The rooster calls early the neat day to remind you of the fear; and fear you should as the wonderful life of yours is at risk with the avian flu. What prompts you further to prepare the concoction of the risky ingredients that could add to your getting attracted to Bird flu, starts with the passion that you enjoy in devouring the fowl. The H5N1 goes down along the throat, cuts the larynx and mixes with the juices of your stomach to be part of the weakening system. You are now a part of Influenza; you are under the mercy of the virus. Is there a solution? What about Tamiflu? What about Amantadine?

Before the requiem is heard aloud

When the start has been marked, Tamiflu has an offer for you; before the requiem becomes heard aloud; Tamiflu marks the beginning of the magic. The magic then flows with the pipe of the piper; you are pulled out from the advent of misery, you are shown the daylight. An alternative can be Amantadine. Bird flu symptoms starts without much of a panic; you are under the spell of a fever, cough, sore throat and muscle ache. But mark the incidence of such simple symptoms; they are bound with a ramification, culminating with acute respiratory diseases and other sever life threatening complications. So if someone asks about the strength of Bird flu, it is with regret that we agree to its fatality. Whether it be Tamiflu or Amantadine, both comes of best use at the initial stages.

Forty eight hours to destiny

The brand name Tamiflu has oseltamivir phosphate as its active ingredient and the process of intake has strengths varying with the form of intake. From capsule to powder for oral suspension, this prescription drug has the charm to ward off the flu. With the viral attack and the flu symptoms popping up, Tamiflu gives a chance for survival; it’s a short time but still the forty eight hours becomes crucial. More to this is the fact that Tamiflu can reduce the chances of attracting the H5N1 virus when the flu out break looms freely around you. So the myth has at least a vent for fresh air; blow hard, ward out the spirit, take a deep breath and live life to the best extent, you have the support of Tamiflu.

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