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Permanent Cosmetics

by: Alison Cole

Through a procedure called intradermal pigmentation, it is now possible to have pigments set under the skin almost like a tattoo. These pigments come in two forms - iron oxide that may fade away and the more permanent organic pigments that are also less likely to lead to an allergy. If you can endure the little bit of pain from a local anesthetic you can permanently enjoy a set of luscious full lips with lip liner, eyeliner, as well as arched eyebrows. There are some precautions prescribed for those who wish to undergo permanent cosmetics procedures. You should not take blood-thinning medications for 48 hours before the procedure and you should stop the use of products that contain substances like Retin-A, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy.

The procedure itself takes about two to three hours, and it could take between three to five days for recovery, depending on the procedure so as to assuage any swelling or plasma seepage. Of course, because it�s an intradermal procedure, care specific to each part operated upon is essential. This could vary from applying vitamin E oil to refraining from using make up immediately after the procedure. While this procedure is fairly safe for most individuals, some groups like those who have diabetes, glaucoma or allergies or are pregnant would need medical supervision.

Permanent cosmetics have their advantages for busy careerists who have little time to spare for makeup or those whose sensitive skin is allergic to traditional cosmetics. It is also useful for women who may be physically impaired or have thinning eyebrows or thin lips. However, it also carries its share of risks. By definition, permanent make up is permanent so it is necessary to undergo this procedure from a reputed and trained professional with years of experience. The risk of infection due to the use of a needle, the quality of medical inks used and allergies to pigments could be just some causes for concern. Fees would vary according to the procedure used, but cosmetic surgery may not be covered under most medical insurance.

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