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  • Diabetic Children May Feel Different
    Parenting a child with type 1 juvenile diabetes holds many surprises for us. One that we may not anticipate is our children’s feelings of being different.
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  • Nutrition Standards for Juvenile Diabetics
    The nutritional recommendations for juveniles with diabetes are much the same as the general population in this country. Children with diabetes need to eat a well balanced and healthy diet in order to keep their blood sugar levels in the normal range. Because of this need to control blood sugar they must eat foods in specified amounts depending on how they affect blood sugar levels.
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  • The Obesity Epidemic and Juvenile Diabetes
    The increasing obesity epidemic among children today is thought to be a leading cause in the increase in juvenile diabetes in this country today. While not everyone agrees on the causes and affects it is hard to argue with the continuing increase of children with Type 2 diabetes who are also overweight.
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  • The Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes Do You Know What They Are?
    The sudden onset of juvenile diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to manufacture insulin. It is thought that genetic predisposition and autoimmune dysfunction destroy the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, rendering them unable to produce insulin, which is needed to control blood sugar levels. juvenile-diabetes/juvenile-diabetes-information.html
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