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  • Are You at Risk for Diabetes?
    Diabetes is a disease where the body cannot properly produce or use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that turns the foods you eat into energy. If your body cannot turn food into energy, not only will your cells be starved for energy, you will also build up glucose (sugar) in your blood.
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  • Diabetic Medical Supplies are a Necessity Anyone with Diabetes
    Diabetes is a disease that affects all ages, races, and cultural groups of people and left undiagnosed and untreated can lead to a wide range of life threatening complications that can include heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, and vision problems.
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  • Exercise for the Diabetic
    Along with medical nutritional therapy and insulin, exercise is the third component to successfully treating diabetes. Exercise, like insulin, lowers blood glucose levels, assists in maintaining normal lipid levels, and increases circulation. For most individuals, consistent and individualized exercise helps reduce the therapeutic dose of insulin.
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  • Maintaining Diabetic Blood Sugar Level
    For the diabetic maintaining their blood sugar level in the normal range is key to successfully managing their disease. Without proper blood glucose control the diabetic risks a variety of disorders and complications that are caused by high blood sugar levels. Left untreated for a long period of time diabetes can become a life threatening illness.
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  • The Profect Solution for Diabetics
    Diabetes, which affects more than 6% of the US population or over 18,000,000 people, is diagnosed when the body is not creating or effectively utilizing the hormone called insulin. As a result, much-needed energy from sugar, starch, and other sources are not being exploited as effectively as they should. This can lead to severe adverse health consequences, including nerve, ocular, and kidney problems.
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