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  • A Look at Medical Billing Services
    Medical billing services cover a wide range of activities but the main goal of any medical biller is to process physician super-bills (treatment description) and file claims with insurance companies to ensure that their clients are paid the proper amount in a timely fashion.
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  • An Explanation of Medical Billing Software
    Medical billing is an increasingly popular office or home-based small business opportunity that involves using skills and knowledge in medical terminology, insurance claims, and customer service to ensure that physicians and clinics receive payment from patients and insurance companies.
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  • An Introduction to Medical Billing
    A growing number of professional, experienced health consultants and medical claim processors are needed in the country today. Healthcare is such a large and technologically driven industry that knowledge and procedures used today are likely to be seen as far outdated only a few years from now. To keep pace with all the various procedures, techniques, and technologies available and distinguish one from the other in a clear manner, definitions are made and coded for every kind of surgical procedure, diagnosis, and complaint. These definitions and codes help doctors ensure that they are compensated accurately for their services by the health insurance companies.
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  • How to Reduce Your Hospital Bills
    As more people get high-deductible health insurance plans in conjunction with a health savings account, they are paying more attention to the fees they are being charged. Savvy consumers are discovering a wide range of prices among various providers, and many ways to reduce their hospital bills and avoid over-charges.
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  • Medical Billing Companies: An Overview
    Every healthcare provider, including dentists, surgeons, doctors, or chiropractors, is entitled to receive money for their services. Medical billing companies are setup to make it easier for them to wade through the murky waters or regulation and insurance company code to ensure proper and timely reimbursement.
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