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  • Are Vitamin Supplements Really Necessary?
    It is a fact that vitamins are important to a healthy diet. Without certain vitamins, your body could be at risk for disease. There are some studies on how specific vitamins can help specific illnesses. However, most of the medical community seems to agree that getting your vitamins from whole foods is much better than taking supplements.
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  • Mild Cognitive Impairment, (MCI), Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonian Disorder
    Mild cognitive impairment, (MCI), is a condition in which a person has problems with memory, language, recall and other simple activities of daily living which are severe enough to be noticeable to other people. Often times those affected are frustrated by inabilities to perform otherwise simple things that perhaps a child could easily perform...
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  • Mistaken Beliefs About Parkinson's Disease
    When members of the general public see a person with Parkinson's disease, especially those with pronounced symptoms they come to a whole host of conclusions about that person without any knowledge of...
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