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  • I understand that I will not be compensated monetarily for my articles by e-HS. And it would be in my best interest not to submit articles that I wish to sell for pay, but to submit articles as a promotion method and/or as samples of my work.
  • I retain my own copyright and have the right to promote my own websites/products/services within the "author's resource" section within the articles.
  • I also certify that any material I submit is my own original material and does not violate any copyrights.
  • I also acknowledge that eHS reserves the right to proof and edit articles where necessary, but that my author's resource section will always be used in conjunction with the use of any articles I upload to this site.
  • I understand that I may not submit any article longer than 15,000 characters or roughly 2,500 words. Any article longer than this will be immediately removed from the system.
  • I understand that e-HS reserves the right to remove articles and / or writer accounts at any time and for any reason. I will not rely on e-HS for backup copies of my articles.
  • I understand that e-HS reserves the right to deny articles that do not fit within the niche of health issues.
  • I understand that e-HS is a G rated site. Objectionable material including any material pornographic in nature or ethnic or racial hate pieces will not be posted and may result in termination of my account.
  • I understand that e-HS makes my articles available to publishers of websites and ezines with the stipulation that my name, links, and author's resource box remains intact. However, I also acknowledge that e-HS does not have the ability to monitor the usage of articles on this site, nor can e-HS ban an individual's access to the site.
  • I acknowledge that this is a FREE Service and the Author Terms and Conditions are subject to change. (eHS will email you if you sign up and these Terms and Conditions change.)
  • I acknowledge that e-HS will place an ad tag on my article in order to off set the cost of this distribution service.

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