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  How it Works:

Step 1

Authors upload articles to the article database into categories and subjects about which they are knowledgeable. An "author's resource box" and hyperlink appears in each article they submit. The author's resource box is a short 3-4 sentence biography about the author. Authors benefit by getting their articles published across many sites, thus increasing their link popularity and ranks in search engines.

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Step 2

Category editors reject or accept each article providing either feedback and suggestions, where applicable, or publication to the database. EHS inserts an advertisement into each published article.

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Step 3

Publishers search and view articles that are of interest to them and select which articles they would like to use on their web-site. Publishers agree to run both the advertisement and the "authors box."

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Step 4

Publishers may choose to put a link back to their site on e-HealthArticles.com. They must first publish the article, then they can return to the article and request a link back to their site.

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Step 5

The articles are published by numerous web publishers and located on numerous sites across the Internet. Publishers benefit by easily finding content to expand their site into areas that they might not cover deeply enough. Authors benefit by gaining link popularity, helping market their site through both improved search engine listings and direct traffic from the links, every time their article gets published.


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